Sheikh Dr. Taher Amini Golestani

In the Name of God, All-Compassionate, All-Merciful

Salamon Alaikum/ Peace be with you

This is my honor to address you my dear friends and welcome you to the Peace Union, in theHoly City of Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am Sheikh Dr. Taher Amini Golestani, founder and director of PU as well as Internationa Institute for Peace and Religions ( What I learned from Islam, as a Shi’a Muslim cleric, is that the spirit and core message of all religions is peace, love, and unity. I do not believe any religion admires violence or animosity, rather, this is us, human beings and followers who wrongly misinterpret. as Qur’an and all divine scriptures call all for dialogue and unity, we here in PU have gathered to celebrate “togetherness” and strongly avoid otherization.

Quran in 3:64 and Bible in Mathew 5:9 call all human beings to peacemaking. so let’s do it.

May God’s gift of peace be with you all

Kindest Regards

Sheik Dr. Taher Amini Golestani

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